Cold starters

Cold starters

An assortment of breads (With butter and bacon fat)  5.50 €

Some lovely little fish (Sprats or anchovies)   5.90 €

Fisherman' (Herring with cottage cheese and potatoes)   7.80 €

Selection of Latvian cheeses, served with honey   15.80 € 

Delicacies from the Baron’s garden (Selection of Pickled vegetables)  8.50 €

Beer snack platter for the manly man
(Cuts of smoked and dry-cured meats, sausages,cheese, served with garlic bread, pickled cucumber and snack sauce)   15.90 €

Dory chest of Riga (A platter of fish, meat, cheese and pickles, served with snack sauce)  45.30€